Re: Real Sky

patrick469034 Feb 20, 2013

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies to my query. I do indeed find that the RS discs are unreadable on my Win 7 machine. I like the suggestion made by Bill that I use an old XP machine to transfer the data to a pen drive. I do have an old XP laptop, as it happens, and so I will be doing this very soon.


--- In, Bill Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Denis, all,
> > The problem is the cd/dvd format. Win 7 and 8 can only read 4k format
> > while XP is 512. The only solution might be to transfer using your XP
> > system all the files from each cd/dvd to one which is formatted to 4k.
> >
> > Denis
> ...which is corfirmed by:
> >
> > On 17/02/2013 8:52 AM, roy_diffrient wrote:
> > ...if you try to see what's on the disks using Win 7 resources,
> > like My Computer, I believe you'll find that they will not be read at all.
> > My Win 7 Pro also does XP emulation -- That doesn't help either.
> It seems pretty weird to me that Win7 would have removed the ability
> to recognize 512-byte sectors... actually, downright shockingly stupid.
> The simplest solution that occurs to me is to get a USB memory stick
> and copy all the RealSky disks to it, using an XP machine. (All
> entirely feasible; I got a 32 GByte USB stick for a mere $14 recently.)
> This also ought to be somewhat faster, and spare you the need to swap
> disks.
> But if someone knows a way around the Win7/8 limitation, I'd like
> to know about it. If nothing else, it would mean you could do the
> copying without having to find an XP machine.
> -- Bill