Re: Satellite magnitudes

jarisuomela Feb 20, 2013

Hi Bill,

Thank you for fixing satellite magnitudes. Vanguard 1 is faint and way too low in my sky anyway so I should need to position myself better latitude-wise to observe her.

There is one more problem in the satellite pass list. Next to the Alt column there's one obvious excess character. I tried to decipher the number (seeing zeros, fours, sixes and eights) but then I stumbled on number five and gave up.

See the evidence here

Kind regards,

--- In, Bill Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Jari,
> On 02/08/2013 01:23 PM, jarisuomela wrote:
> > I see that Guide reports the brightness of Vanguard 1 as up to 4th magnitude.
> Ouch! Turns out Guide was reading the "absolute magnitude" of artificial
> satellites in a really strange way, resulting in some garbage magnitudes.
> I've fixed this; if you go to
> and download the current version, the magnitudes should be more reasonable.
> It's quite true that magnitude data isn't available for a lot of objects.
> If you go into Settings... TLE=(whatever you currently have set) and click on
> the line for "Click here for name and magnitude data", things should improve,
> especially for more recent objects.
> -- Bill