Re: [guide-user] Re: GCVS Labels

Woodchuk Feb 17, 2013

Right on Bills site under the url

THe tdf is in the ""

If you look at the tdf you will note the name of the file (line 1) that will
dictate where the file will point. So you have to carefully alter that name or
retain the name "iii.tdf" as in the tdf. Then the next line will give the name as
it appears in the "User dataset".

Larry Wood

On 16/02/2013 12:15 PM, dspooner89 wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> I have downloaded the iii.dat file, renamed it gcvs_cat.dat and it seems OK. But still no labels or info. Where does the GCVS.tdf file come from?
> thanks dave