Re: [guide-user] Re: Latest version GUIDE 9

Bill Gray Feb 13, 2013

Hi Greg,

Um. Well, that has me baffled... if anything, running the new version should make Guide
somewhat smarter about not asking for the Guide disk. (Actually, the "fix" occurs as soon
as you've installed the latest Guide 8 software, and remains when Guide 9 is installed:

I'd recommend backing up your Guide folder, then trying to apply the latest Guide 8
update and the Guide 9 update. If you do see an error message, please let me know what it
was; I can't make anything out of "ord".

Also... it would be interesting to know if the problem occurs even if the Guide disk
_is_ in the DVD or CD drive.

Also... anyone else seeing this issue, and have any details to mention? I've been
unable to replicate the bug, which makes it _really_ tough for me to fix it!

-- Bill

On 02/11/2013 03:12 AM, Greg Roberts wrote:
> Guide UsersMorning Bill
> I installed the latest version of GUIDE 9 with the corrected satellite magnitudes
> but all it succeeded in doing was messing up GUIDE 8 - I have both GUIDE8.EXE and
> GUIDE9.EXE co-existing in the same directory c:/GUIDE8.
> With the new GUIDE9 installed both GUIDE8.EXE and GUIDE9 ask for the CDRom to be
> installed which has not been the case before and I was able to run either GUIDE8
> or GUIDE9.
> Guide8 also gave some error message re "ord" - or similar - unfortunately I
> did not make a careful note.