Re: What might I have done? Cannot goto HIP stars..

grantcblair Feb 9, 2013

As usual, Bill - you are exactly right. I slid the DVD in and I was able to find stars via their HIP designation. Then I checked to see what I had installed locally and I did already have Tycho-2, but not 'Star Comments'. Installing 'Star Comments' made it so I can now look up HIP stars from only my HD installation.

Maybe it's just me, but those steps did see a little less than 'intuitive' :)

But I'm happy and only have four inches of snow.

Be Safe,


--- In, Bill Gray wrote:
> Hi Grant,
> First thing I'd do would be to put the Guide DVD in the drive, and see if that
> causes everything to work.
> If it does, then I'd suspect that the required file is still on the DVD. Look
> under Extras... Install to Hard Drive, and make sure that "Tycho-2" and "Star comments
> in 'More Info'" are selected. Guide will dig through those files to find the RA/dec
> for a given Hipparcos star.
> (For display purposes, you have some datasets loaded that are organized by
> RA/dec. So when you zoom in on a given point, Guide can just load up stars in
> that area of the sky. There's a separate file that contains data sorted in
> Hipparcos number order, used for Go To... Star... Hipparcos. Also used if you
> use Go To... Object Name, and enter something like "HIP 21421".)
> -- Bill