Re: [guide-user] What might I have done? Cannot goto HIP stars..

Bill Gray Feb 9, 2013

Hi Grant,

First thing I'd do would be to put the Guide DVD in the drive, and see if that
causes everything to work.

If it does, then I'd suspect that the required file is still on the DVD. Look
under Extras... Install to Hard Drive, and make sure that "Tycho-2" and "Star comments
in 'More Info'" are selected. Guide will dig through those files to find the RA/dec
for a given Hipparcos star.

(For display purposes, you have some datasets loaded that are organized by
RA/dec. So when you zoom in on a given point, Guide can just load up stars in
that area of the sky. There's a separate file that contains data sorted in
Hipparcos number order, used for Go To... Star... Hipparcos. Also used if you
use Go To... Object Name, and enter something like "HIP 21421".)

-- Bill