Re: [guide-user] not sure why I can't get UCAC 3 to show up

Bernd Brinkmann Jan 28, 2013

Hello Kevin,

when hitting ALT j be aware that the path you enter is case sensitive. I had the
same problem.

> I copied the files off the dvd, into a folder.
> I set the path
> UCAC3_PATH=c:\ucac3
> I don't know, if I am missing something.
> I am using the guide 9 update to guide 8, as found at
> I looked in guide folder, and I see the following files.
> ucac2.tdf and ucac4.tdf, none for ucac3.

I have a 3 files called ucac3.tdf, ucac3def.txt and ucac3.txt. Only a few kB
large. I will mail them privately.

Clear skies

Bernd Brinkmann

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Herne, Germany

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