Re: [guide-user] Catalog UCAC3 Help

Bill Gray Dec 28, 2012

Hi Pierre,

I'm cc-ing this to obs (at), the address given for
reporting trouble for that site:

When I click to download the UCAC-3 files for zones 220 or 222, I'm
asked if I wish to download files of about 25 MBytes (the correct size).
For zone 221, I'm asked if I wish to download a 10.4 MByte file. So
I assume that the file

is corrupted.

-- Bill

On 12/27/2012 07:41 PM, Pierre Laporte wrote:
> Not directly related to the operation of GUIDE, but I will appreciate some
> help for this issue
> I have dowloaded all files of the UCAC3 from this site :
> Every thing seems ok except the file z221 which, according to the Catalog
> Checker of PinPoint is of the wrong size.
> Is there somebody who can check the file size of the original UCAC3 file
> z221 ?
> My file z221 is 1068K while z220 is 2599K and z222 is 24663. I have try to
> dowload it few time with the same result and problem.
> Many thanks
> Pierre Laporte