Double symbols on DSOs

Bill J. Gray Dec 20, 2012

Hi folks,

I've been able to verify that this happens when using Guide 9,
current (12 December) software, with the actual Guide 9 data.
(I don't think you can get it to happen if you're using Guide 8

Still haven't figured out why. I've compared code from before
the May update with the December code. Not much has changed in
the DSO arena. More drilling into the code will be needed...
shouldn't be a big deal to fix, I assume.

My first thought was that this was related to a problem discussed
on this group a few months back, in which it was noticed that M73
was missing. I thought that perhaps in fixing one problem, I'd
created another. I've not totally ruled that out.

Thanks to all for the bug reports. I'll post more when I actually
know why this is happening.

-- Bill