Re: [guide-user] double symbols on DSOs

Woodchuk Dec 19, 2012

Yes I have the same look, although I won't be using the May 24 update to correct it.

Larry Wood

On 18/12/2012 3:40 PM, Ben Hudgens wrote:
> I am a long time user of Guide and am running Win 7 with the Guide's
> latest update, Dec 12. I am seeing double plots for open clusters,
> globulars, planetary neb, etc. Galaxies are not affected. On wider
> fields, say 7 deg and larger, the double symbols are not displayed.
> Only when you zoom in does this appear.
> Example... open cluster NGC 1807 shows two circles with two labels.
> The two circles are of different sizes. If you right click on each of
> the circles and 'more info, you will see two differents sets of
> information. Same for M57 Ring Neb and the diffuse neb. 'squares'.
> If I reinstall the last May 24 update, problem does not appear. Anyone
> else seeing this problem?
> Ben