double symbols on DSOs

Ben Hudgens Dec 18, 2012

I am a long time user of Guide and am running Win 7 with the Guide's
latest update, Dec 12. I am seeing double plots for open clusters,
globulars, planetary neb, etc. Galaxies are not affected. On wider
fields, say 7 deg and larger, the double symbols are not displayed.
Only when you zoom in does this appear.

Example... open cluster NGC 1807 shows two circles with two labels.
The two circles are of different sizes. If you right click on each of
the circles and 'more info, you will see two differents sets of
information. Same for M57 Ring Neb and the diffuse neb. 'squares'.

If I reinstall the last May 24 update, problem does not appear. Anyone
else seeing this problem?