Re: [guide-user] Comet Updating Troubles

Bill J Gray Dec 3, 2012

Hi Anthony,

There have been some rather nasty issues affecting comets lately. I expect
to post updated software that will avoid the issues... but in the meantime,
I recommend that you download this file: (about 52 KBytes)

and unZIP it in your Guide folder. (This works for Guides 7, 8, and 9,
by the way.)

This will both fix the issues with downloads, _and_ give you comets that
are not "currently visible" (the MPC updates aren't very complete in this
regard), _and_ fix some problems caused by comets that have received a
permanent designation; you can otherwise get situations where you see a
comet twice, once with a provisional designation and once with a permanent

-- Bill

Anthony J. Kroes wrote:
> Anyone having trouble updating comets recently in v9? I am using Windows 7
> with SP1 and Guide version 25 May 2012.