Comet Updating Troubles

Anthony J. Kroes Dec 2, 2012

Anyone having trouble updating comets recently in v9? I am using Windows 7
with SP1 and Guide version 25 May 2012.

I am trying to get C/2012 S1 ISON to display but can't. Comets are 'on' in
the display data menu, and 'MPCORB' is checked in the 'Extras'. However it
doesn't seem to be on the comet list when I search for it so my comet data
is probably out of date (Soft02cm.txt dated 5/10/12). But I can't figure
out how to update my comets ( I know I have dome this before..) I am
experiencing crashes when I try to download anything from the 'Extras'
Comet/Asteroid menu. I have the newest version of MPCORB manually placed in
the Guide9 folder, but when using the MPC hyperlinks, Guide crashes with the
usual "Guide8 MFC Application has stopped working" error that then closes
Guide. The same thing happens when I use the 'Add Comet/Asteroid' link to
point to a local file (Soft06Cmt.txt from MPC in this case, which does have
C/2012 S1 ISON listed in it).

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Andy,

Wow... I didn't realize that format confusion was already proliferating.
I'll add in
some sort of "files found, but not what was expected" error message.

-- Bill

afm038 wrote:
> Sorted at last !
> With a bit of help from Owen I realised that the file sizes of the Z001 to
Z900 files
> that I downloaded from the Harvard server were actually smaller than those
on the DVD...

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