Re: [guide-user] Guide on Ubuntu

Stephen Tonkin Nov 29, 2012

I run Guide on Ubuntu with Wine. It is very simple as long as you use Wine to install it. The only 'issue' that I have is that I can't get it to start from a desktop icon, a launcher icon, or from the applications menu; I have to either start typing "guide" in the launcher or go to the folder where guide9.exe is and start it from there. I don't consider this to be a sufficiently great hardship to need time spending on it to find a solution.

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Stephen Tonkin

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Subject: [guide-user] Guide on Ubuntu
Date: Thu, Nov 29, 2012 21:52
Hi dears. I want to use Guide on Ubuntu 12.10. Is it possible? or can you recommend me any sotware like as Guide?

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