Re: [guide-user] Magnitudes in Guide 9

tom Nov 12, 2012

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the clarification of the differences between ON, OFF, AUTO and
FIXED. Great piece of software...


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> Hi Tom,
>> Is there an easy way to display asteroids only within a range of
>> magnitudes, say., 18-20?
> For the faint end, you would go into Data Shown and set the limiting
> magnitude for asteroids. You could then make this either "fixed" (i.e.,
> going to mag 20 no matter how far you zoom in or out... this will lead
> to a blur of asteroids at wide fields of view) or "auto" (i.e., fainter
> ones show up as you zoom in, then vanish as you zoom out).
> There's no similar limit for the bright end, though.
> -- Bill
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