JPL and INPOP ephemerides

darioanderle Nov 10, 2012

Dear Bill,
As usual I have some problems with the jpl ephemerides:

1) Guide can manage the latest jpl ephemerides DE422 for the planets position.
The moon librations and nutation data are also calculated?
2) Could be possible to add the possibility for manage the binary data files compatible with the JPL DExxx ephemeris file format - INPOP10b?
You can find the data in:
3) Cloud be possible to solve the compatibility for all the future upgrades using the header and constant values written at the beginning of the DExxx/INPOP binary files?

Description of the structure of binary ephemeris file format INPOP version 2:

- Header information
- Constant values
- Coefficients of the Chebyshev polynomials for the planets.

- Information Asteroid
- ID Asteroid
- GM Asteroid
- Coefficient Pointer Asteroid
- Coefficients of the Chebyshev polynomials for the asteroids