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Christian Ambros Nov 5, 2012

Hi Bill and  Claudio,

I'm running Guide9 completely with wine since 2000. I just had one issue which was fixed right away as some one mentioned it before I noticed it, because I used guide on observation run preparations of a galaxy cluster survey 20° +/- of the galactic equator, during the run with downloaded dss fits-images for ccd pointings and afterwards to make quality estimation how deep and good the run was. So, crashing guide during asteroid data update was an issue but didn't concern me much.
Today, guide is still running with wine and plenty comparisons with running on windows on the same machine didn't end nicely for windows as os.
As Android is some kind of a linux derivate, it should be possivle to run wine on a tablet, but to be honest, why would one use a smart phone or tablet when there's need to control not even a telescope but also a ccd camera which is cooled down 50 degrees below observingside temperature, a filter wheel, a dome and have to have object catalogs which are uncommon? I don't see the point in using a smartphone for the tasks guide is cable of. I don't think one would like to see guide as a competitor to google sky map, which has completely different aims.

Porting Guide to Linux, makes sense, indeed, even vor android based tablets but not for smartphones.
Writing the gui with python-qt would make it plattform independent and since python is more or less made up from c++-wrappers, it's quick as hell.


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> Von: Bill J Gray <pluto@...>
>Gesendet: 19:30 Montag, 5.November 2012
>Betreff: Re: [guide-user] Porting Guide to Android

>Hi Claudio,
>It's vaguely possible... as you might expect, the main issue would be
>re-designing the user interface pretty much from scratch. The code to
>draw maps and such would require revision, but nowhere near as much.
>I haven't gotten much past the "thinking about it" stage, though.
>> (please not to Mac!...)
>I've heard from a few OS/X folks running Guide nicely using Wine
>( and still more using Wine to run Guide in Linux.
>The "port" to OS/X and Linux, therefore, mostly consisted of trying
>Guide in Wine, finding maybe five or six small issues, and fixing them.
>And most of those issues had nothing to do with Wine. They were bugs
>in Guide that just hadn't surfaced until I tried this.
>-- Bill

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