Re: [guide-user] Porting Guide to Android

Bill J Gray Nov 5, 2012

Hi Claudio,

It's vaguely possible... as you might expect, the main issue would be
re-designing the user interface pretty much from scratch. The code to
draw maps and such would require revision, but nowhere near as much.
I haven't gotten much past the "thinking about it" stage, though.

> (please not to Mac!...)

I've heard from a few OS/X folks running Guide nicely using Wine
( and still more using Wine to run Guide in Linux.
The "port" to OS/X and Linux, therefore, mostly consisted of trying
Guide in Wine, finding maybe five or six small issues, and fixing them.
And most of those issues had nothing to do with Wine. They were bugs
in Guide that just hadn't surfaced until I tried this.

-- Bill