Re: [guide-user] Zenith up vs. north up

Bill J Gray Nov 4, 2012

Hi Tom,

In addition to the methods Luc mentioned: you can right-click on the
compass symbol indicator in the legend area (the little box with an 'N'
and an 'S'). This toggles 'north up' vs. 'zenith up'.

I mention this in part because clicks on legend items can do all sorts of
interesting things. A left or right-click on the tens-of-minutes digit in
the time shown, for example, can bump the time ahead/back ten minutes.
Click on the RA/dec, and you're prompted to enter an RA/dec. Click on
the time zone, and you get the time zone selection dialog. And so forth...
move the mouse over the legend items, and you'll see the mouse functions
given on the title bar.

-- Bill

tom wrote:
> Could someone tell me how to set the view to alt-az in Guide 9, as is
> suggested below?