Re: [guide-user] Problems in representing Mars guide 9.0

Bill J Gray Oct 23 10:21 AM

pastorgalactico wrote:
> I saw with surprise that the representation of Mars guide 9 has a
> small bug and the planet seems to be missing a piece at the South Pole.

The map came from Mars Global Surveyor, and was created early in
that mission. You can see it at:

The caption says that "...The high southern latitudes at the bottom
of the image (from about 60°S to 90°S) are black because this region
was in total winter darkness at the time the data were collected."
About the best I can suggest at present is to use one of the other
Mars maps. (Click on Mars, then on Display... Options; you will
see a list of available maps.)

I've hopes of adding more maps, for Mars and some other objects.

-- Bill