Re: [guide-user] Getting UCAC4 to show up in Guide

alfredo caronia Oct 23 10:15 AM

*Hello Mr Bill J Gray!

Good morning! I am a user of Guide 8!

I wanted to understand:

- To obtain the data of the UCAC catalog 4, need the DVD Guide 9?
It 's so?
Otherwise can not? It 's so?

- But the DVD Guide 9 has UCAC 3!

And so the Guide 9 database needs to be updated anyway? It 's so?

And if so, how can i update?

Thank you!

Alfredo Caronia
2012/10/9 Bill J Gray <pluto@...>

> **
> Hi all,
> A few points on this...
> To get Guide 8 or 9 to show UCAC4, you definitely need the software
> from . You should then be able to
> go into Extras... Toggle User Datasets, and select UCAC4, and turn
> it On and adjust labels and the fields of view at which it is shown.
> If you don't see UCAC4 in the Toggle User Datasets list, then you're
> probably missing the file 'ucac4.tdf'. Click on it here and save it
> to your Guide folder...
> ...and start Guide up again, and it should appear in the list.
> Next problem is telling Guide where to find the data. For this,
> you can hit Alt-J and add a line such as
> UCAC4_PATH=c:\ucac4
> Or you can edit the file 'guide.dat' and add the line that way.
> One method you can use for testing: put the UCAC4 DVD in your
> DVD drive, and set
> UCAC4_PATH=d:\
> (I assume here a drive letter d:; obviously, you may have to change
> that.) Side 1 of the disk has all the data south of declination -14.2;
> side 2 has all the data north of that. I'd suggest that you just zoom
> in to a point at declination -14.2. You should hear the spinning of the
> DVD drive (a good diagnostic that Guide is looking in the right place)
> and about half your screen should be filled with UCAC4 stars.
> Note that by default, a screenful of UCAC4 stars won't look all that
> much different from a screenful of UCAC3 stars. If you right-click on
> the UCAC4 star, though, it should say something like "4UC318-081678",
> followed by a 2MASS identifier. (Otherwise, you'll get Guide's UCAC3
> data, with a "3UC" designation.)
> Another thing: On the DVDs, the actual data files live in a 'u4b'
> subdirectory, and have names from z001 to z900. If you've set the
> UCAC4_PATH to be, say, c:\ucac4, Guide will check for files in both
> c:\ucac4 and c:\ucac4\u4b.
> -- Bill

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