Using OpenGL for object display.

Christian Ambros Oct 19 7:37 AM

Hi Bill,

I kept working on my Ph.D Thesis and was wondering if OpenGL could spead up displaying data sets like UCAC 4 or USNO B1 and 2 if one would combine the normal RAM of the mainboard with the one on the graphic card in two stages like a pre-buffer.
Then one would just have to switch between hide and display for the objects and loading or releasing data could be done as a background job not using up all resources.
I understand that what's displayed is just a tiny selection of what could be displayed. Scaling up and down magnitudes or zoom levels would consume any resources, either.

Do you think it's worth giving it a try? I have to provide a stellar view in my camera/telescope controlling software for overlapping purposes (x-ray, gamma, dark matter, radio...)


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