Re: [guide-user] Re: Getting UCAC4 to show up in Guide

Bill J Gray Oct 16 11:19 AM

pastorgalactico wrote:

> If you remove the folder ucac3 guide9.0 works only with ucac4 and
> is not necessary to have the folder inside guide ucac3 9.0
> At least so far has not noticed anything unusual in the operation
> guide 9.0 without being ucac3 folder and running the ucac4.

Exactly. This is almost what would happen if, in Extras... Install
To Hard Drive, you turned off (or never bothered to turn on) the "UCAC-3"
option at the bottom of the list of things to be installed. Guide tends
to assume that some files may not be available to it; in particular, if
you've done a "minimum install", only about 12 MBytes are copied to the
hard drive.

But I'd recommend leaving the UCAC-3 files in place. You will probably
find that if you try to display UCAC-4 at a wide field of view (several
degrees), it will be somewhat slow. Guide's version of UCAC-3 is compressed,
and extra files are provided for use at wider fields of view.

> Another thing I'm thinking if you could get in the USNO A2 guide 9.0
> full guide 9.0. and have the option of disabling it whenever desired.

One _can_ display A2.0 (or B1.0) in Guides 7, 8 and 9 :

But it's well to use this only when looking for very faint stars.
A2.0 and B1.0 go much fainter than UCAC, but the quality of the data is
much poorer.

-- Bill