A2 filtered data

Denis Oct 14 12:56 PM


Could you do me a favor? In the next update, could you have Guide check
the A2 folder first for a20.idx? If not found then use the default from
the root folder. This way I could use the modified a2 without having to
copy this index file to the root of Guide every times I want to change
the filtered set. All we would need is changed the A2_PATH name. Without
the matching index, A2 will not work, having the matching index with the
A2 filtered files make sense.

If any wish to use filtered files, let me know and I will have Bill post
it on is site. Be aware that it take almost one hour to process. I have
use a thread to process so you computer is fully useable while it
processes in the background.

Bill, let me know and I will forward to you the program (500kb) for testing.