UCAC4 DVD shipments

Bill J Gray Oct 10 9:35 AM

Hi Tony,

I got mine about a week or two ago. I know some people got theirs right
off the bat; others of us have had to wait... in my case, long enough
that I asked Clay to send me a copy, then started mailing out copies.
Let me know if you're interested.

Of course, by the same iron law that causes clouds to vanish just
after you've given up and closed up your observatory, any DVD sent to
you under the "pass-it-along" scheme will arrive at about the same time
the USNO's copy arrives.

-- Bill

Anthony J. Kroes wrote:
> Any U.S. users receive their UCAC4 in the last week or two? I see many
> non-US members are now getting theirs and I am wondering if the USNO has
> finished US mailings and have now moved to foreign addresses. Basically
> wondering if I was skipped or not!