Re: [guide-user] UCAC4: getting the DVDs

Bill J Gray Oct 9 7:49 AM

Hello all,

As Clay has mentioned, I've started up a "pass-it-along" scheme for
UCAC4, similar to that I ran a few years back for A2.0. The idea is that
if you send me your mailing address, I'll direct a copy your way. (It's
distributed on two DVDs.)

This will be done at no charge. However, after you've received and
copied the disks, I'll e-mail you to ask you to ship them on to someone

I did this because I hadn't received my own UCAC4 disks, and had heard
from a few others similarly afflicted. So I asked Clay if he would send
me disks, which he did. Of course, shortly after I received them, my
USNO copy came through. It does seem as if they're being shipped... just
not all at once.

I've already gotten a few copies out into the world. Please let me know
if you're interested.

-- Bill