Star Display - Magnitude Label limit

barringtonri Sep 26, 2012

Long story short, the Star Display / Magnitude label limit is not limiting. With anything beyond a magnitude label limit of 1 the magnitudes of all stars displayed are shown.

I've been running Guide on both the computer in my house as well as the computer in my observatory. I upgraded from Guide 8 to Guide 9 on the Win 7 house computer as soon as Guide 9 was available, but only today loaded Guide 9 from the DVD onto the Win XP observatory machine. So at the moment the observatory computer has both Guide 8 & 9 loaded. Both computers have the full UCAC3 database loaded in a separate directory, as I access the UCAC3 with Astrometrica.

In the past I've experienced the magnitude label limit not working when zooming in on an area where I've done a web download of USNO-B1.0 stars.

When zoomed in at level 8 or 9 I usually set the limiting magnitude to 18 and the observatory Guide 8 stars only go to around 16 magnitude. As do the house Guide 9 stars. But the observatory Guide 9 is displaying stars up into the 18th magnitude!

Settings on the Star Display are the same on all 3 programs. Under Extras / Select Database to toggle the settings are all pretty similar. I suspect that the Observatory's Guide 9 is somehow accessing my full UCAC3 database (which is good) but that's also causing an over-ride of the star magnitude label limit (which is bad).

Anyone have any idea as to what I'm forgetting here?

Pete Peterson I15