Re: [guide-user] Strange Stuff on my Screen

Ned Smith Sep 8, 2012

That worked. Thanks.
On 9/8/2012 11:16 AM, Bill J Gray wrote:
> Hi Ned,
> My guess would be that you downloaded some star catalog data using
> one of the options under Extras... Get Star Catalog Data.
> Zoom in on the area in question and right-click on one of the stars.
> You'll get some data on that object. Then click on "More Info". One
> of the options you'll see (it's there for every downloadable dataset)
> allows you to erase the downloaded stars.
> In general, if you see something on screen and don't know what it
> is, or want to turn it off or change its color or add/remove labelling,
> just right-click on it, then on Display. Works for just about everything.
> -- Bill
> Ned Smith wrote:
> > Only in a certain place in the sky there is a semi-circle shaped patch
> > of high star density together with catalog numbers(0705-0576501?).
> Don't
> > know what I did to place them there or how to get rid of them.
> > Any suggestions?

Ned Smith

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