Re: [guide-user] Strange Stuff on my Screen

Bill J Gray Sep 8, 2012

Hi Ned,

My guess would be that you downloaded some star catalog data using
one of the options under Extras... Get Star Catalog Data.

Zoom in on the area in question and right-click on one of the stars.
You'll get some data on that object. Then click on "More Info". One
of the options you'll see (it's there for every downloadable dataset)
allows you to erase the downloaded stars.

In general, if you see something on screen and don't know what it
is, or want to turn it off or change its color or add/remove labelling,
just right-click on it, then on Display. Works for just about everything.

-- Bill

Ned Smith wrote:
> Only in a certain place in the sky there is a semi-circle shaped patch
> of high star density together with catalog numbers(0705-0576501?). Don't
> know what I did to place them there or how to get rid of them.
> Any suggestions?