Re: [guide-user] Re: Problems with updating guide 9.0 Hello; Since yesterday I have problems updati

Bill J Gray Aug 29, 2012

pastorgalactico wrote:
> Hello;
> Problem solved.
> The problem was the antivirus that kept open the application (tear2.exe)
> J.Tapioles

Aha! Thanks for mentioning this. I had heard of this problem,
but had _not_ realized that antivirus software was responsible.

I don't know exactly how I'll fix this. But at the very least,
when I'm asked about the problem, I can suggest that people make
sure their AV software accepts tear2.exe. (And 'hdecomp.exe',
needed to display the DSS images built into Guide 9; 'get_dss.exe',
needed to get DSS images via Internet or from RealSky/DSS disks;
and 'gzip386.exe', also needed for getting DSS images via Internet
and for updating artificial satellite data.)

-- Bill