Re: Trail length problem (fixed)

Stefano TREVISAN Aug 24, 2012

Hi Gerhrad,
you are perfectly right. I've been too fast to say "all is fine".
Actually changing manually the file startup.mar doesn't work. I did change also line 84 but at the following startup Guide doesn't keep the changes.
I apologize.

--- In, Gerhard Dangl <gerhard@...> wrote:
> I also tried manually editing the line but Guide9 rewrites the error in
> the startup file during closing the exe file.
> Regards
> Gerhard
> Am 24.08.2012 10:25, schrieb Stefano TREVISAN:
> > Hi Bill, I did the change by myself on Guide9's 'startup.mar' and it works (obviously).
> > Many thanks Stefano