Re: [guide-user] Re: Trail length problem (fixed)

Bill J Gray Aug 23, 2012

tom wrote:
> Sounds like Bill solved your problem for the next rev Stefano...may be
> related to Windows 7 vs XP...

No, nothing so esoteric (or that I can blame on Microsoft). This
one is all my fault.

If you look at the 'startup.mar' file generated by Guide 9, you'll
see two line 62s with "datacol" (data coloring) information. There
is no line 63. Line 64, which gives the length of the line of
variation and of asteroid trails, _should_ make up the next line.
Instead, its data are written at the end of the previous line 62.
In other words, a line break is left out.

Previously, there _was_ a line 63, and it also provided the
missing line break. Line 63 isn't needed in Guide 9, but when I
removed it, I also removed the line break. Re-inserting it put
things back the way they should be.

This was a very obvious, very easy bug to fix, once I knew about
it (inserting a line break is not rocket surgery). The problem was
just that I didn't know about it.

-- Bill