Re: [guide-user] Re: Trail length problem (fixed)

tom Aug 23, 2012


FYI, I use the red Add Trail option all the time and print it out before
each evening's (asteroid) observing and the trails remain until I delete the
trails, but the yellow trail length also works for me from session to
session and I DON'T have to reset the trail length option each time I
restart Guide 9...I use Windows XP....perhaps the people having issues may
be using a different OS.


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> Hi Stefano, all,
> Just to clarify: the problem involves going into the Asteroid Display
> dialog (either by right-clicking on an asteroid, then on Display, then
> on Options; or by using the "Asteroid/Comet Options" in the Extras menu),
> and setting the "Trail length" to some non-zero amount.
> If you set it to, say, 2, then _every_ asteroid suddenly sprouts a
> little tail indicating its motion over the preceding two days. The tail
> gets fainter at the end away from each asteroid, which I did to give an
> illusion of motion. As Stefano indicates, that value isn't saved when
> you exit Guide. (And the length of the line of variations, stored in the
> same dialog, also doesn't get saved. The LOV is used when recovering or
> identifying asteroids with medium-large positional errors; you'll usually
> find them somewhere near the LOV.)
> I've tracked down the bug that caused those two values not to be saved,
> and have fixed it. Stefano, thanks for the bug report; you'll see the
> fix the next time I post an update.
> I think Tom and others looked at the sort of trails one can generate
> for planets, asteroids, comets, and satellites using the Animation...
> Add a Trail option. _That_ sort of trail is saved Just Fine between
> runs of Guide.
> -- Bill
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