Re: Trail length problem (fixed)

Bill J Gray Aug 22, 2012

Hi Stefano, all,

Just to clarify: the problem involves going into the Asteroid Display
dialog (either by right-clicking on an asteroid, then on Display, then
on Options; or by using the "Asteroid/Comet Options" in the Extras menu),
and setting the "Trail length" to some non-zero amount.

If you set it to, say, 2, then _every_ asteroid suddenly sprouts a
little tail indicating its motion over the preceding two days. The tail
gets fainter at the end away from each asteroid, which I did to give an
illusion of motion. As Stefano indicates, that value isn't saved when
you exit Guide. (And the length of the line of variations, stored in the
same dialog, also doesn't get saved. The LOV is used when recovering or
identifying asteroids with medium-large positional errors; you'll usually
find them somewhere near the LOV.)

I've tracked down the bug that caused those two values not to be saved,
and have fixed it. Stefano, thanks for the bug report; you'll see the
fix the next time I post an update.

I think Tom and others looked at the sort of trails one can generate
for planets, asteroids, comets, and satellites using the Animation...
Add a Trail option. _That_ sort of trail is saved Just Fine between
runs of Guide.

-- Bill