Re: [guide-user] Trial length question.

Stefano TREVISAN Aug 21, 2012

I hope Bill gives us an explanation...

Da: tom <loeblt@...>
Inviato: Martedì 21 Agosto 2012 21:29
Oggetto: Re: [guide-user] Trial length question.

I am using Guide 9 and my trial length stays at whatever I set it to till I
change it...

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Subject: [guide-user] Trial length question.

> Hi Bill, I've a question.
> About asteroids in Guide8 righ cliking on the asteroid, than display,
> options, we could set up the trial length and such a value was stored
> until next change. Now in Guide9 we had to set up the value of the trial
> length every time we restart Guide9. Is there any way to keep stored the
> value of the trial length?
> Best regards Stefano Trevisan
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