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Ben Hudgens Aug 16, 2012


In a 'crowed field', I zoom in pretty far and then right click on some portion of the symbol. The ellipse of the galaxy or broken circle of an open cluster for example. Works 'most of the time'. I think this is more of a problem now with the addition of the deeper star catalogs being plotted.

Ben Hudgens

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From: Lawrence
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:50 AM
Subject: [guide-user] Clicking for info

I wonder whether there is a fool-proof method to click on targets and
actually get the data wanted? For example, I have NGC xxx on screen. If
I click on NGC xxx it identifies a component and tells me everything
about that component - but of course I really wanted NGC xxxx info?
After about 6 clicks I give up. Is there a secret method to do this?
Please tell ;-)

Lawrence Harris

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