Re: Comets

alensondivo Jul 30, 2012

Hello Bill,

There must be something wrong with my system. I could not save the comet.dat file. I had to save it as a .mht file. When I renamed it to .dat Guide showed me only old comets and with editing the orbital elements I saw only one line indicating the date of the file.


--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I'd recommend downloading the following file to your Guide folder:
> This will replace your comet file with a "current" one. It will also fix certain
> problems inherent in the usual scheme of getting updates from MPC. For example,
> if you don't get updates often enough, certain comets can be completely missed
> because the updates only contain "currently observable comets"; if you last
> got comets in March and it's now July, then you'll get no data for comets
> that were observable only in May.
> Also, comets that get permanent designations can show up twice in Guide.
> As an example, the comet P/2008 R1 recently got the permanent designation
> 259P. Guide can't tell that these are one and the same, and will show
> two comets (assuming you've downloaded, at one time or another, data for
> "both" comets.)
> All this has been a real annoyance over the years. I do have some thoughts
> for getting around all of it, but it'll be tough to do.
> Anyway. The above file has been cleaned up to contain the most current
> designations, with no Doppelgangers, and has been rendered complete using
> the IMCCE comet list from Patrick Rocher (which shows all comets since about
> 1995, without worrying about "currentness").
> -- Bill