Re: [guide-user] Not an asteroid!

pastorgalactico Jul 18, 2012


Effectively to bring up the asteroid 2000 AT4 have to put that out if you put 75571 75570 asteroids and asteroid it disappears from the letter of the guide 9.0
At that time if you try to search for the same asteroid 2000 AT4 you get the notice (NOT AN ASTEROID)
Ideally 9.0 GUIDE will send to the place where the asteroid is still not appear that the asteroid that was more devil than 9.0 guide at the time represented in the letter.


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Hi Scott,

My guess would be similar to others expressed on this list: you
may have to bump up the number of asteroids shown by Guide. In this
case, to "see" and "go to" (75571) = 2000 AT4, you'd need to show
at least 75571 asteroids.

If that doesn't actually describe/solve the problem, please let me know!

-- Bill

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