Re: [guide-user] Crashes when adding asteroids

Bill J Gray Jul 11, 2012

Hi Christian,

> what's odd to me is, that those three links [to MPCORB subsets]
> in question work pretty well with wine under linux.

I had success with it much of the time, too. It was _possible_
for those links to result in a buffer overrun. But not guaranteed,
and if the chunk of memory overwritten wasn't in use by something else,
you'd be okay. So the problem would be intermittent on any operating

I do find that one big benefit of trying software out in both Wine/Linux
and in "normal" Windows is bug detection. A bug that doesn't cause a crash
right away on (say) Windows may cause a crash in Wine, or vice versa. Such
a bug is usually still a for-real bug on both OSes.

Often, if somebody reports a bug that I'm unable to reproduce on my
Windows box, I try it under Wine. This makes some "unreproducible bugs"
suddenly "reproducible".

-- Bill