Re: [guide-user] Crashes when adding asteroids

Christian Ambros Jul 6, 2012

Hi Bill,

what's odd to me is, that those three links in question work pretty well with wine under linux. I never had any problems with updating any of those files. The downstream even over my umts stick is dam fast and just a little bit slower when gprsII takes over.
For those who do have larger telescopes, having the critical list as a separated list makes ist quiet easy to work with it.
If this list is gone, what indication will be there instead to just get a list of the critical objects?


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> Von: Bill J Gray <pluto@...>
>Gesendet: 19:02 Freitag, 6.Juli 2012
>Betreff: Re: [guide-user] Crashes when adding asteroids

>Hello all,
>OK, I've got it figured out... I should have puzzled it out right away;
>in hindsight, the problem is quite obvious to me.
>Short version: don't use the links to download critical, unusual, or
>distant objects. Update 'mpcorb.dat' instead. (I'll remove those three
>links in the next update.)
>Long version follows:
>Once upon a time, all of the "add-on" element lists were small, with at
>most a few hundred objects. But the "distant" list now contains 1717 objects;
>the "unusuals" list contains 9701 objects; and the "critical list" contains
>1691 objects.
>This raises a dilemma. I _could_ just revise Guide to handle this sort
>of thing. But it would be wrong to just bump up the limit. It puts
>thousands of objects into the "added comets/asteroids" file; if you go
>to Extras... Asteroid/Comet Options... Edit Comet/Asteroid Data, you
>get an immense list of objects. And Guide's efforts to merge in these
>MPC update files with existing asteroid data have never been completely
>To quote from the dialog wherein one can download asteroid data:
>"...Use of the following links [to update distant, critical-list,
>and unusual objects] is not really recommended. The objects in question
>already have well-determined orbits, and the latest MPC data will
>represent only a small improvement. By far the best way to update
>asteroids is to use MPCORB. This allows you to update Guide's asteroid
>data completely. The only downside is that MPCORB is about 30 MBytes
>in compressed form, a bit large for those with dial-up modems."
>That last issue is getting to be less of a problem; for most of us,
>a 30 MByte download is peanuts. The next update will remove the ability
>to use those three links; we'll go from "updating" asteroids to just
>replacing the entire asteroid dataset with a new MPCORB.DAT.
>(Ideally, I'd do the same thing with comets. Sadly, there is no
>way to get a complete comet database; MPC just supplies "currently
>observable comets", which have to be merged with older comets in order
>to have a complete list of comets.)
>-- Bill

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