Re: [guide-user] Guide permanently crashes now

Gerhard Dangl Jul 3, 2012

I am expanding my own message.

Now after I have updated the mpcorb.dat file manually, Guide9 crashes
also if I try to update the files for comet data or critical list
objects with the Add MPC comets/asteroids menue.

The problem is surely not the internet connection. Because I can open
all this files on the MPC site very fast
in a browser.

I can see on the upcounting kb numbers that Guide9 is downloading the
file for several seconds and after that the immediately following lokal
update process seems to be the cause for the Guide9 crash.


On 03.07.2012 12:17, Gerhard Dangl wrote:
> Bill,
> may be this can give additional help. Since some weeks I have installed
> Guide9 in a new folder. If I use the feature Add MPC comets/asteroids I
> get always the following results:
> download comet data - ok
> download critical list objects - ok
> download distant objects - Guide9 crashes
> download unusual objects - Guide9 crashes
> Operating system is W7-64bit.
> Regards
> Gerhard