Re: Guide permanently crashes now

ldjhandm Jul 3, 2012

Hi Bill

Thanks - that has now fixed it.

When I clicked for latest - and hadn't realised that the router was still negotiating - it became very unhappy, showing all those old hiccups: the small box that kept appearing and couldn't be closed, and the display turning whitish in a no-interrupts crash. Afterwards (a restart) it simply crashed regardless. Sorry, I can't recall any error messages because I don't think anything significant appeared except 'failure in MPC app module' or similar. It was the old message anyway.

Working OK now........


--- In, Bill J Gray <pluto@...> wrote:
> Hi Lawrence,
> Very strange indeed... stranger still is that I vaguely recall
> running into just this issue and fixed it. With the latest Guide 8
> updates, all should be well.
> What do the complaint boxes say? (If I attempt to get new comet
> data without being on-line, I get one complaint box, and it says
> that the URL or resource was not resolved... flashes up and goes
> away almost before I can see it.)
> One thing I'd recommend doing short-term: download
> (about 164 KBytes)
> to your Guide folder. If the crash corrupted your comets.dat
> file, this will give you a correct replacement. (It will also give
> you comets "du jour", and will get around the weirdness caused by
> comets getting permanent designations; Guide has no way to tell
> that this has happened, so you get "double comets", one with the
> old designation and one with the new. In the above file, I've
> carefully gone through by hand and fixed these cases. Also, it
> brings _all_ comets up to date. The MPC file contains only
> the "currently observable comets"; if you don't update often enough,
> you can miss comets completely.)
> -- Bill