Re: [guide-user] Guide permanently crashes now

Bill J Gray Jul 2, 2012

Hi Lawrence,

Very strange indeed... stranger still is that I vaguely recall
running into just this issue and fixed it. With the latest Guide 8
updates, all should be well.

What do the complaint boxes say? (If I attempt to get new comet
data without being on-line, I get one complaint box, and it says
that the URL or resource was not resolved... flashes up and goes
away almost before I can see it.)

One thing I'd recommend doing short-term: download (about 164 KBytes)

to your Guide folder. If the crash corrupted your comets.dat
file, this will give you a correct replacement. (It will also give
you comets "du jour", and will get around the weirdness caused by
comets getting permanent designations; Guide has no way to tell
that this has happened, so you get "double comets", one with the
old designation and one with the new. In the above file, I've
carefully gone through by hand and fixed these cases. Also, it
brings _all_ comets up to date. The MPC file contains only
the "currently observable comets"; if you don't update often enough,
you can miss comets completely.)

-- Bill