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Christian Ambros Jun 21, 2012

Hi Bob,

the guys at astrometry recommend using the command line version due to unstable servers at the moment.

The last time I gave the online version a try was four years ago and it was to slow for meaningfull use. So I switch to command line. As I had to start over with this year due to my Ph.D, I got some updates.

Fts? Is it meant to be some kind of fits format? Try using correct fits format, png oder jpg because every other format will be tried to convert into png.

If you need any help with setting up command line email me.


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>Gesendet: 11:45 Donnerstag, 21.Juni 2012
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>I've seen several people refer to for plate solving
>images. I thought I would give it a try, so I tried to upload a
>.fts image of mine. I keep getting a "The connection was reset" error. The upload never happens. Same result the last three days.
>Tried three browsers (Firefox, Opera and IE).
>Anyone else have similar problems?

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