grantcblair Jun 21, 2012

Hi Bob,

I've seen that a few times, along with a whole host of other issues which render essentially useless for me.

For one, it appears to require a fast, stable internet connection. I do not have that from my rural observatory, being restricted to what would be called "dial up" speeds.

Typical uncalibrated image sizes are around, say, 10Mbytes for me once I convert to JPG format. They can take AGES to upload to anywhere, hence I really need a local solution, not one internet-based.

When I do get an image to upload to, it spends a paltry 10 seconds attempting to identify it and then tells me:

Unfortunately, we failed to identify your image.

Isn't that ever so helpful?

Only one time have I seen it actually do a plate-solve "successfully" and this was on an image of the area around M51. Which it informed me was somewhere in Fornax!

I could go on (but I won't)...

Grant in NJ

--- In, robertjmodic@... wrote:
> I've seen several people refer to for plate solving
> images. I thought I would give it a try, so I tried to upload a
> .fts image of mine. I keep getting a "The connection was reset" error. The upload never happens. Same result the last three days.
> Tried three browsers (Firefox, Opera and IE).
> Anyone else have similar problems?
> Bob