Re: [guide-user] MPCORB sorter program

Bill J Gray Jun 19, 2012

Hi folks,

Somewhat, though not entirely, along the lines of the MPCORBsorter.exe program:

("MPCORB extractor") will allow you to create subsets of MPCORB with assorted
desired properties, involving criteria such as their orbital elements or date last
observed and so forth. I wrote it because I ran into situations where I wanted to
(say) look for objects within a certain range of inclinations or eccentricities or
perihelia distance. Also, I'd heard from some people whose software required a
DOS/Windows-style text file, with a carriage return and line feed at the end of
each line. 'mpcorbx' can produce such a file.

If anyone finds a link to the MPCORBsorter.exe program, please let me know,
and I'll add a link to it from the above page.

-- Bill