Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errros

JoeMize Jun 19, 2012

Tom, I noted you didn't specify the magnitude limit, "=19", before the Path.

SA2_PATH=19;C:\Program Files\Guide8\Sa20

Also check from the Menu Bar, Display > Star Display > Mag range, is set

If that doesn't help make sure the Pathname exactly reproduces the
Upper/Lower cases shown in Explorer. HTH...joe :)

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Joe Mize
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> Larry,
> you bring up an interesting point. I have had no luck using guide.dat for
> placing files in various directories. For example, my GUIDE9 directory is
> in D:\program files\guide9...I put USNO SA2.0 files into d:\program
> files\guide9\sa2 directory. I then placed sa2_path=d:\program
> files\guide9\sa2 into guide.dat but guide does not see these sa2 files.
> I just created a d:\asteroids directory and moved mpcorb.dat there. I
> added mpcorb_path=d:\asteroids\mpcorb.dat but guide does not see this file
> either. I have tried capitals, lower case, etc. after someone suggested I
> try that. I also moved evrything including GUIDE9 to the C drive but that
> did not solve it either. Any idea where I may be messing up?
> Tom