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tom Jun 19, 2012


you bring up an interesting point. I have had no luck using guide.dat for placing files in various directories. For example, my GUIDE9 directory is in D:\program files\guide9...I put USNO SA2.0 files into d:\program files\guide9\sa2 directory. I then placed sa2_path=d:\program files\guide9\sa2 into guide.dat but guide does not see these sa2 files.

I just created a d:\asteroids directory and moved mpcorb.dat there. I added mpcorb_path=d:\asteroids\mpcorb.dat but guide does not see this file either. I have tried capitals, lower case, etc. after someone suggested I try that. I also moved evrything including GUIDE9 to the C drive but that did not solve it either. Any idea where I may be messing up?


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Alt-J shortcut has many uses initiated by placing a command line in the (Guide.dat)
file that directs Guide to do your command. But in this instance it is telling
Guide to select & read a file on my computer that is one of a list of many files,
and can be in any location on that computer. i.e- I download the three files
(MPCORB.dat, NEA.dat, and Daily.dat) to the directory C:\Asteroid. This saves
having to dig into the Guide directory. Then I use the Alt-J command to pick the
file I want--i.e.
"MPCORB_PATH=C:\asteroid\" (name of file and extension)
After using Alt-J to do a selection the Guide program must be closed so the
Guide.dat file can be re-read thus selecting the new command on start-up.

Also, to clear the Alt-J command you you have to call up the command and delete
everything in the Command line *after* the = sign. This would allow you to have a
file read that is right in the Guide directory.

Larry Wood

On 18/06/2012 10:43 AM, tom wrote:
> Alt-J is not documented in the latest rev 9.0 manual....comes up "number of test flag...". What does this function do?

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