Another in favor of Charon!

grantcblair Jun 19, 2012

Hi Bill,

I'm not often vocal, but I have to agree with Dr Clay and the others in support of Charon - it's lean and it does an absolutely fantastic job (better than PinPoint and, in my opinion). If you can give it an approximate starting position and a pretty good idea of the image scale (which everybody should know after their first image with a particular setup), it beats everything else hands-down.

When I'm imaging, I really don't want to have to refine my inputs a dozen or more times to get PinPoint to spit out a valid answer. And I really don't want to wait HOURS (literally) for to _sometimes_ provide an answer. Charon "just works". And as an physics/software geek for over 20 years, "just works" is about the highest compliment I could give anyone's software. Charon (and Guide, of course) are up there with BackyardEOS in that respect - peerless.

Of course, I still use WindowsXP on my observatory computer for much the same reason Dr Clay does. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

Thank you!

Grant in NJ