Re: [guide-user] 2012 LZ1 mag errros

Christian Ambros Jun 19, 2012

Hi Larry,

yeah I read that mark, but since I'm using this internal link and didn't had any trouble with it this and the last year, I thought off as obsolete or at least solved. My home town observatory uses a 24" Cassegrain telescope with 7460mm of focal length resulting in a field of view by 9arcmin without a shapley lense with will reduce the focal length to 4700mm. So we got for the somewhat fainter asteroids because we easily reach 21mag. As I'm checking what's new at neo's manually, too. I didn't had any trouble using the internal links to download an integrate the files without restarting guide9 which saves much time.
I couldn't find any lacks between the two versions because one is derived from the other.
At first, when there wasn't any build-in solution to get the target lists in guide format years ago, I wrote my own converter for different catalogue sources but since Bill  provided us with the most catalogues by default, I stoppt using my converters.

Again, we do make intensive use of guide/mpcorb since I got our Apogee CCD camera up and running again in the beginning of last year and we didn't had any trouble with finding any selected. displayed or in somewhat odd target.
Maybe it's related to the kind of usage since we don't use Windows anymore. We solved some other problems with the systemclock and the telescope pointing by that, too.

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>On 18/06/2012 2:38 PM, Christian Ambros wrote:
>> Hi Larry,
>> so does the different behaviour occur when you use the internal mpcorb link? If
>> not, then there must be some kind of difference between how the files are
>> inserted in the guide data base.
>For the full MPCORB.dat file I see no difference and I have never used any other
>internal Guide links to access asteroid files - at least not in the last several
>One thing I have learned is not to use *Asteroid files* that are downloaded from
>the MPC site using Guide format, as Bill has pointed out right on the (Add MPC
>comets/asteroids) menu in Guide. This does work fine for comets though, as you are
>likely aware.
>Larry W

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